Below you will find three separate documents pertaining to grants given by the Sullivan Community Education Foundation. Click on the images to the left to view the respective documents.


grant guidelines OVERVIEW

  • No administration expenses, food, or prizes/incentives will be allowed.

  • Limit of major grant award is $15,000.

  • No grant awards can supplant existing funding.  (If the entity making the request is required to perform the service or purchase the equipment, the grant will not be funded.)

  • Only non-profit organizations and Sullivan School District staff may apply for these grants.

  • Foundation grants can only be used to complete the objectives of the grant.  If the actual cost is less than proposed, additional items cannot be substituted.

  • Grant recipients will be required to submit the Grant Evaluation by May 1st of the year following the award.

grant application

Applications must be received by the second Friday in January.  Applications should be submitted to the Sullivan Community Education Foundation Secretary, PO Box 462, Sullivan, IL  61951 or the CUSD #300 Office, 725 N. Main Street, Sullivan, IL 61951.  No application will be accepted after this date. The grant application is now in fillable electronic format, so it may also be submitted via email to:

grant evaluation

Please return the completed evaluation to Becky Batman, Unit Secretary, upon completion of the project or no later than May 1st of the year following the award.